2019 Summer Camp

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Registration is now open! Please click here for the form.

daily schedule

Our summer camps include

  • language instruction — no prior language experience required!

  • daily park outings — picnic lunch at the park in the late morning and again in the afternoon

  • STEM projects related to the theme of the week

  • arts and crafts projects


$350/week for 9am to 3pm

$400/week for 8am to 6pm

3 ways to save $20 off every week of camp! [discounts/promotions cannot be combined]

  1. Enroll before March 31st, or

  2. Bring a friend/sibling, or

  3. Join us for 3 or more camps

Please note that we will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, so tuition is prorated to $280 / $320.

Upon completing the registration form, a $100 non-refundable deposit for each week is required to secure your space in the program. The remaining balance is due according to the following schedule:

  • April 1st for June camps

  • May 1st for July camps

  • June 1st for August camps.


Form can be found at https://goo.gl/forms/hmCwMPB7FRwi0dD63