Mission Statement

At Su Yun’s Chinese Learning Center, our mission is to blend the teaching of Chinese heritage with a touch of modern innovation through a project-based, design-thinking methodology for students in grades K-5. Utilizing the latest in technology, science, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) as teaching vehicles, Su Yun’s Chinese Learning Center aims to immerse students in the Mandarin language through authentic Chinese arts, music, history, folklore, food, and other genuine experiences, with a goal to inspire students to be inquisitive and thoughtful.

Teaching Philosophy

We live in a digitally connected, global era. Children today will have new challenges when they reach the workforce. Learning to read, write, and speak Mandarin will provide these children with a competitive edge in the future. Additionally, the Chinese culture is an ancient and beautiful culture that can be taught through language. We understand that learning a language unto itself is not enough for most children. There needs to be something else; something else to draw and engage children to create a self motivation to learn Chinese. We believe this can be accomplished through progressive and project-based learning, utilizing STEAM-related activities but with the Chinese language in support.