Great big THANK YOU.....


to all the families that participated in today's pilot program!  We appreciate you coming in on a rainy day during your Thanksgiving holiday.

DSC_0105 (1).JPG

We began with a facilitated exercise that involved using different tones, expressions and movement activities to learn the words for me (wo), you (ni), like (xi huan), red (hong), black (hei) and yellow (huang).  All of our participants (parents included) laughed and giggled as they learned these Chinese words!

After our circle activity, the children were divided into groups where they practiced writing these characters and used a zoetrope, an animation device, to make their Chinese characters move and dance!

Once the pilot program wrapped up, it was free play and the children let their imagination run wild!  They made incredible Lego creations, built battery-powered cars, practiced on the piano, jammed away on the electric drums and guitar, spontaneously wrote songs, etc.


Thanks again to all the families that graciously gave us their time!  We enjoyed having you!